Scientific Notation

scientific notation
Numbers in scientific notation.
guzinta math scientific notation

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scientific notation

Students are introduced to scientific notation as a number in the form a × 10n, where a is a value between 1 and 10 and n is an integer. Students write both very large and very small numbers in scientific notation and then convert numbers from scientific notation to standard form.

In the second module, students follow an example which demonstrates how to compare numbers written in scientific notation. Students write comparisons of numbers written in scientific notation as ratios of integers.

Finally, students learn a strategy for adding and subtracting numbers written in scientific notation. Students follow an example which demonstrates that rewriting the numbers so that both show the same exponent allows for adding or subtracting the whole numbers or decimals directly.

Module 1 Video

This video introduces students to scientific notation and shows students how, when starting with the original number n in the form n × 100, we can multiply or divide n by 10 and then add or subtract 1 from the exponent to keep the same value for the expression.