Negative Numbers

negative numbers
Introduction to negative numbers.
guzinta math negative numbers

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negative numbers

In this lesson, students will be introduced to negative numbers as the opposites of positive numbers (and vice versa). The positive and negative numbers are reflections of each other across 0 on the number line. Students will determine negative and positive locations based on shifting positions of 0 in situations and on the number line.

Module 1 Video

In this video, we introduce negative numbers on the number line, as reflections of the positive numbers. Negative numbers are less than 0, and positive numbers are greater than 0.

Students are also presented with a situation involving a vertical number line and questions about the shifting location of 0 to get at the meaning of 0 in each question.

Module 2 Game



score = 0

Students play a game to guess the random mystery number from –10 to 10. Students make guesses using the > and < symbols. A score of 20 points completes the module. Students gain a lot of practice reasoning on the number line with negative numbers and comparing negative and positive numbers.