Measure Conversions

measure conversions
Converting with different measures.
guzinta math convert measurements
6-RP.A.3d, G.A.1

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measure conversions

In this lesson, students use ratio reasoning to convert between different units of measure and to work with understanding to solve more complex ratio problems. This is a challenging lesson! Models and interactive graphs are used to facilitate students’ ratio reasoning, but students are still asked to make sense of ratio relationships that are complex and less than obvious in some problems.

Module 1 Video

The main idea of this video is to suggest that once we know how two units of measure are related, we can determine any value of a unit if we know the value of the other.

The context of translating foreign words and phrases is used to highlight how mathematics gives us the power to figure out “translations” using reasoning—in other words, solve problems.

Module 2 Video

In this video, the basic formulas are provided for the area of a rectangle and a non-rectangular parallelogram (b × h) and the area of a triangle, including a right triangle (0.5 × b × h).