Long Division

long division
Working with the long division algorithm.
guzinta math long division
6-NS.B.2, G.A.3

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long division

In this lesson, students will learn about dividing whole numbers using long division—what is often called the “standard” algorithm. This lesson presents the conceptual model underpinning long division and several examples to help develop fluency with this algorithm. Students are encouraged to estimate quotients and check their work using multiplication and addition after dividing.

Module 1 Video

The video for this lesson is connected to the first long division example (358 ÷ 6) and walks students step-by-step through the conceptual and procedural process of using the long division algorithm. In the app, you can pause and play the video when the buttons are present, but the video pauses at key moments during the explanation and waits for correct input into the algorithm before continuing.

Module 2 Video

This video shows a way to draw a square on the coordinate plane by starting with the coordinates of two of its vertices. Operating with absolute values is above grade level, but this module can be completed without knowing how to operate with absolute values.