guzinta math fraction division

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Fraction Division

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In this lesson, students learn about reciprocals and different meanings for division involving fractions and whole numbers. Students explore the strategy of common denominators and invert-and-multiply to determine the result of dividing two fractions. All of these meanings and strategies are explored in both mathematical and problem-solving contexts.

Module 1 Video

In this video, the equivalent fraction strategy for dividing fractions is presented. This strategy is built on the notion that when two fractions have equal denominators, their numerators alone can be divided from left to right to get the quotient.

Students can use this strategy throughout the lesson to verify results determined through other ways of thinking about fraction division.

Module 2 Video

In this video, we introduce the term rectangular prism and use an aquarium to model this solid figure. Students learn that the volume of the aquarium—the amount of space the aquarium takes up—is equal to its length × width × height. This volume applies to all rectangular prisms, in cubic units.
fraction division
Learning to divide fractions by fractions.
guzinta math fraction division
6-NS.A.1, G.A.2, SP.B.5c