guzinta math four quadrants

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Four Quadrants

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In this lesson, students learn about rational numbers on number lines—whether horizontal or vertical. Two number lines come together to form the coordinate plane, where all points can be identified by two rational-number coordinates. The coordinate plane has 4 quadrants. Students learn about reflections across the x- and y-axis and how to identify points in different quadrants.

Module 1 Video

In this video, rational numbers are described. Any rational number can be found on a number line. When a horizontal and vertical number line come together, we can form the coordinate plane with 4 quadrants. Rational number coordinates can identify any point in the coordinate plane.

Module 2 Video

In this video, the Commutative Property, Associative Property, and Distributive Property are modeled, and their algebraic definitions are given. In the app, students will explore some ways that the properties can make calculations simpler.
four quadrants
Coordinates in all 4 quadrants.
guzinta math four quadrants
6-NS.C.6a–c, 6-EE.A.3