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When you're ready to get down to the serious business of teaching math, you'll want some serious technology to help.

One-on-One Instruction

Use the lesson apps for homework, parent involvement, home instruction, quizzes, or independent practice. Or a combination that we didn't think of. Get your low-stakes formative assessment on.

Whole-Class Instruction

Use the lesson apps to present to the class and have students work independently or in partners on their own desktop devices. No sign-in required. Just download and go. You're the teacher. We're just here to help.

Instructor Notes

Each lesson app comes with a downloadable PDF set of instructor notes which provides the expected answer for each question, tips for stimulating discussion, activity summaries, and math notes.

Video Instruction

Videos are embedded in each app and used to demonstrate the mathematical concepts presented in the modules. The videos are built to stimulate discussion and highlight the conceptual structure of a topic.

Drawing Canvas

Turn on the drawing canvas to write all over the app. Highlight important information, write conjectures, and record notes, directly on top of even videos. The drawing canvas goes great with partner work in class.

Interactive Instruction

Some lesson apps feature interactive items, such as models and puzzles. Engage students with "minds-on" exploration of key math concepts. Use these tools again and again for spaced practice to build expertise.


add and subtract negatives

Featured Interactive:
Add and Subtract with Negatives

Mathematics is not static. It makes things move. Our interactive tools embedded in key lesson apps help students learn by making math move.

In the Adding and Subtracting Negatives app, an interactive number line helps students get their heads around adding and subtracting with opposites.

Lesson Apps


We've embedded the old site in the new, with all of the available FREE apps (and more coming all the time). Take a look at the middle school selection and click on More to see details about each app, watch the videos, and even play with some of the interactives.

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Save Time

Independent practice, homework, parent involvement, formative assessment . . . the list goes on and on. Let us help you with some of it.

Get Serious

This isn't a revolution, and it's not a makeover. It's learning math. Pretty simple really. So, let's put away the toys and get down to business.

Be the Teacher

There is no sign-in process, and we don't track student data. We see our role as providing support and then getting out of the teacher's way.

Beat the Standards

Just like you, we know that meeting the standards isn't enough. We want all students to meet and then exceed their mathematical potential.

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